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Passionate About
Health, Wellness, Sports & Food

Hello there! I am Coach Kris, and welcome to my blog What's Cooking with Coach?!

I have been a Health/Food Instructor for 10 years and have been involved in Coaching for the past 17 seasons.  I enjoy staying active, hiking, swimming, traveling, exploring new places, and learning about new cultures.  

I am very passionate about health, wellness, sports, and food! My love for these four things has led me to pursue a career in sharing my knowledge and life experience with those around to improve and inform their personal lifestyle.


What's Cooking with Coach is designed to share ideas, thoughts, and information about nutrition and food, health and wellness, exercise and sports, education, and how all are interconnected in our world. A healthy and informed lifestyle is a cornerstone and foundation of our everyday livelihood. Without good health, our lives can become a struggle. It is my goal to share what I know, and learn, to help improve the lives around me!

Listen in to my podcast, watch videos on my YouTubechannel, follow me on Twitter @CoachMetea, or read articles on the site!

Credentials outlined below:

  • B.S. Health Education                                              Worcester State University

  • M. Ed. Educational Leadership                             Bridgewater State Univ.

  • M. Ed. Nutrition Education Specialist                       Framingham State University (Currently Enrolled)

  • High School Culinary Instructor - SERVSafe Certified

  • 17 Years Coaching Experience                                        (High School, Junior, Camps, Clinics)

  • USA Hockey Level 4 Coach

  • National Federation of High Schools Coaching Certification

  • Member of the Massachusetts State                      Hockey Coaches Association

  • Director of Voyager Hockey School

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