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Appetizers & Entrees

Welcome to Appetizers and Entrees! Here you will find a variety of recipes for you to enjoy! They are some of coach's favorites! Try them out and let us know your thoughts!


A traditional comfort using one of the age-old ingredients! Known for its versatility, corn has been used to make 20% of the world's food calories. Enjoy it on its own with butter or honey, or pair it with your favorite entrees!

Stuffed Pepper 4.jpeg
Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

A Sunday dinner special! Stuffed peppers are a popular family meal that combines servings of vegetables with easy-to-prepare ground beef and rice! Served with a small layer of cheese to satisfy those taste buds! 

Chicken Stuffed Quesadillas

Need lunch, dinner, a snack, or a party appetizer? Look no further. This stuffed quesadilla will be mouth-watering and make you the talk of the kitchen.

Mac & Cheese.jpg
Macaroni & Cheese

A childhood favorite meets a lifetime of meals. Nothing beats a cheesy pasta meal, but as time goes on the recipe can be changed to satisfy new health or palate needs. Check it out!

Pizza Pepperoni Uncooked.jpg

Pizza is known for its comfort premise, and its uncanny ability to change to fit a person's needs and wants. Pick your sauce, change your toppings, and mix and match until your taste buds are satisfied! One dough, different toppings, same happy feelings!

French Fries - Cooked.jpg
French Fries

Who needs fast food restaurants when you can make your own? An easy snack. Use any spices for flavors and choose from a wide variety of dipping sauces. What more can you ask for?

Lamb Chops Cooked Plate.jpg
Lamb Chops

Simple, yet mouth-watering dish! Not just for holidays. Spice up a a date-night, impress friends, or experiment for yourself. Simple pan-seared chops with light butter and herbs. Bon Appetit! 

Scalloped Potatoes.jpg
Scalloped Potatoes

Use a crock pot or a conventional oven to make this cheesy delight! Pairs great with ham, turkey, or roasted chicken! Prepare in large batch, or just enough for yourself. 

shrimp grits 1.jpg
Shrimp & Grits

Bring out your inner southern soul with this traditional and easy-to-make comfort food! 

Chicken Picatta

Tasty dinners do not need to take time to make! Chicken Picatta, a quick flour coat, pan sear, and lemon butter sauce over pasta! 20 Minutes and done!

Nim Chow Round Plate.jpg
NIme Chow (Asian Spring Rolls)

Bring a simple, yet gourmet meal home tonight! This vegetarian Spring roll is light, low-calorie, yet filling! Great to eat on its own or serve with main course!

Dragon Noodles.jpg
Dragon Noodles (Asian Noodle Bowl)

Hot and fiery Asian flavored noodle dish! Light in calories, but filling! Get your protein with Eggs, Carbs with noodles, and spicy flavors from red pepper flakes and siracha!


Your choice of filling: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or fish! Season with traditional Latin American spices and topped with vegetables and cheese. Use a crunchy shell, soft tortilla, or even make you own!

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