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Episode 2 -Calorie Burning Calculator

Hey Everyone! Welcome to What’s Cooking with Coach? I am your host Coach Kris.

Today we are going to take a look a great online tool. It is found at  There are online calculators that can help make sense of health information including Body Mass Index, Nutrition Information, Needs, and my favorite, the Calorie Burn Calculator. 

The CBC Calculator take a person's height, weight, and sex and uses it to calculate the amount of calories burned in a set time for a variety of activities! The activities range from typical exercises, sports, and even daily and occupational activities!

The Body Mass Index calculator gives a baseline measure that most medical professionals use for health choices. The Body Mass Index is height and weight ratio to determine an "acceptable" weight. Not always accurate for athletes or extremely active people, but it can be a starting point for future health choices.

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We hope you enjoyed! See you next time!

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