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Chicken & Vegetable Ramen Soup


8 Cups Water or Stock (Chicken or Vegetable)

4 Chicken Tenders

3 Tbl Soy Sauce

1 Egg

Carrots – Cut Julienne (Match sticks)

Celery – Cut Julienne

Red Onion – Cut Julienne

2 Packages Ramen Noodles

                (Rice Noodles can be used also)

3 Tbl Soy Sauce

Green Onion – Diced

Salt & Pepper to Taste

Sesame Seeds

Optional: 1/8 tsp each. Anise, Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, fennel.

Optional: Kale or Nappa Cabbage – Cut Julienne




  1. Bring 8 Cups of water (or chicken/vegetable stock) to boil to prepare ramen (see package instructions). Boil Egg while preparing rest of the dish; about 10-12 minutes.

  2. Using plastic wrap or wax paper, and meat mallet, flatten out the chicken.

  3. Marinate the chicken in soy sauce for 5 minutes.

  4. Using a skillet, cook chicken until golden brown. Flattened pieces cook quicker. When finished set aside.

  5. Gently sauté carrots and red onion in skillet. Do not overcook. The vegetables are meant to have a crunch to them.

  6. Once chicken and vegetables are prepared, begin to cook ramen (follow package instructions) in boiling water. Add soy sauce to boiling water. Add in optional spices now also with ramen package. Add in optional kale or cabbage now also.

  7. Remove Egg from boiling water. Remove shell and cut egg in half.

  8. Serve noodles in bowls. Arrange chicken, vegetables, and half egg onto soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with sesame seeds.

  9. Serve with chop sticks to make it festive!

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