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Coach's Breakfast



2 Eggs

1 Medium Potato

2 Slices Bacon

1 Slice Toast

Added Ingredients

Salt & Pepper to Taste

1 Tbl Butter (Optional)





  1. Cut potatoes to desired shape. Medium Dices are popular. Pictured: Julienne cut in half

  2. Pan fry potatoes using 1 Tbl Vegetable Oil. Cook until crispy Golden Brown.

  3. Cook Bacon. Use Oven 10-15 Minutes on Baking sheet or cook in pan or on griddle until texture desired.

  4. Cook Eggs (Pictured: Over-Easy): Use griddle or frying pan.

  5. Place Toast in Oven for 1-2 Minutes at 350 Degrees or use a Toaster. Optional: Add Butter.

Nutrition Information

Total Calories: 530 Calories

2 Eggs – 140 Calories

Potato – 110 Calories

Oil (1 Tbl) – 70 Calories

Bacon – 90 Calories

Toast – 120 Calories

Coach Breakfast.jpg
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