Coach's Guide to the Grocery

There are a ton of people out there that dislike grocery shopping and cooking dinner. With the endless number of tasks that are required today, the added stress of planning, shopping, and cooking is the last thing people want to handle. The advent of pre-prepared meals, increased restaurant take-out services, and delivery options such as Peapod, uber eats, and grub hub have been a blessing for those that are caught in a never-ending on-the-go lifestyle. The costs of convenience, however, is adding up, and more than people think. Everyone wants more money to live life, but many do not realize there is absolute way to increase it.

Grocery shopping, and subsequent meal preparation, is a vital life skill. Despite the lackluster feelings associated with it, understanding the importance of grocery shopping and meal prep will only aid a person in their ultimate goals of quality and healthy living. Grocery Shopping and meal planning, despite the stress that it can cause, is cheaper than any convenience opportunity that is out there.

how is shopping and meal planning cheaper?

1) There is no preparation or delivery fee. For those that argue, pick up options such as Peapod are free, there must be price comparison done by each store to show the differences in products at other stores.

2) The initial grocery bill of pantry items or bulk items might seem expensive, but the use of those items repeatedly drop the actual price of meals daily.

3) This all takes time, and there is just no time to do this. “Time is money”, a long-whispered quote that echoes true. Taking the time to plan, shop, and cook will save money that we would ordinarily spend on convenience, or the easy way out.

4) People will complain that cooking is hard or that they do not know how to cook properly. This is the insert Family Consumer Science/Home Economics class plug for all the school districts that do not call it essential. The next comment is then to suggest learning to cook. This is the information age. There are more videos, virtual learning classes, and online recipes than ever before! Learning to cook can become an inexpensive hobby that can be enjoyed, and one that uses resources devoted to food already!

tips to keep the time at a store and the grocery bill down:

Know Nutritional Needs

Understanding how many calories and nutrients are needed daily is the best place to start meal planning. This will help limit the number of items needed at a store. Watch nutrient needs calculator tutorial.