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Don't Get Bitter, Get Better: Be SMART

During this period of quarantine and social distancing people are either getting better or getting bitter. It is one or the other; people will not be the same.

Getting Better means reading, learning, staying active, staying in contact with friends/family, having a positive attitude about the situation.

Getting Bitter is being upset, angry, depressed, argumentative, stagnant,

and placing blame elsewhere for the


As people, we can consciously decide to learn and make the best of the situation, or we can complain and waste the day. Choose the former, or we may regret the latter.

How Can we improve during the social distancing quarantine:

- Pick a topic to learn about.

- Make a SMART goal regarding the topic.

- Practice the goal daily.

- Once Mastered: pick a new topic and a new goal.

Sounds Easy Enough? Lets dive deeper into how to set up goals and accomplish them.

What is a SMART Goal?

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Relevant

T – Time-Based

S – Specific

Be as specific with the topic and narrow your goal. This takes away any grey area for achievement.

M – Measurable

The goal was completed, OR it wasn’t! The measure keeps the goal defined so a person knows when the goal was done.

A – Achievable

People set lofty goals, and it can be discouraging when a goal is not completed. Goals too lofty can be deflating and failing to achieve the goal may lead to giving up on the goal-setting process later.

R – Relevant

Does the goal help you reach your long-term plans? Is it aligned with your values and what you believe? Answers need to be yes and yes.

T – Time-Based

Set a date of completion. This is used as motivation and helps prioritize your actions to achieve your goals.

Once a SMART goal is made, we have to look into the barriers of the goals. What are Barriers?

Barriers are the things that get in the way of accomplishing your goals? Think about what may be blocking you. Once recognized, develop a plan to destroy those barriers.

Goals are great, but there must be a plan. These are steps that will help accomplishment the goal. Smaller goals that lead to the end-goal.

Get out there and Be SMART! Get Better during this time of reflection. Improve yourself!

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