Online Learning - The Education Experiment

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Hello everyone, my name is Kris Metea, and welcome to today’s episode of What’s Cooking with Coach?! Today marks the start of season 2 of our podcast.

We have made improvements from our experimental season one and look to improve the listening experience. This season we will be bi-weekly and discuss a popular topic every few weeks. We will be bringing on guests to discuss the world of health, nutrition, education, and sports. Lastly, every episode will have an end segment answering any health-related questions from the week. We will be taking feedback and questions from people via social media and direct correspondence.

We look forward to the changes that will continue to help educate people on the world of health, wellness, and sports!

Back at the end of my season one podcasts, I discussed the dilemma across the country of schools returning safely during the middle of a pandemic. The polarizing arguments of COVID-19 made the education system a distinct topic. To refresh your memory, you can read the script or listen to the podcast Ready for School, or Not? on our site

Over the last few weeks, schools from across the country have been getting back into session. Some schools have started full-in person, some hybrid, and some strictly remote or online. Arguments abound on whether each district made the right choice all depend on where in the country you live and the size of the school. Either way, school leaders and political leaders were never going to please everyone. Some leaders have stayed firm, some have been proven wrong, and some have pivoted their thoughts. The problem with this situation it is during a pandemic, the greatest scientific experiment in human history playing in front of everyone’s eyes.

Several schools have taken the hybrid model or full remote learning approach to this year. This has created an online learning platform that is used more than it ever has. The news, various social media posts, and word of mouth has described remote learning as next to disastrous. I do not think that is a fair representation. Remember, bad news and rumors travel faster than the good news, and for every piece of bad news, there are 10 positives that could be celebrated.

Today, we will look at the positives and negatives of online learning. After discussion with several colleagues and students, it is safe to say that opinions are everywhere, and despite some negative thoughts that you might find in your local social media posts around the country, there is a lot more good than bad. Nevertheless, we will examine both. Keep in mind, I mentioned earlier COVID-19 and society is the greatest science experiment in human history. The current learning model is going through the great Education experiment in American History.

I will start with the positives. I honestly feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives. This comes with a disclaimer. Although online remote/online learning can have some benefits to young students, majority of the positives and negatives come for older students, 13 and older. This is the age where most begin to develop a sense of personal responsibility. I believe that students 12 and under are better off in classroom setting and can eventually work towards remote learning later in their education career.

Here are the positives. I have broken them into 5 categories: Learning, Discipline, Financial, Transportation, Technology.