Protect Yourself: Building Up Your Immune System

The world is at heightened state of awareness regarding pathogens. With good reason, the coronavirus, once disregarded as a hoax, in continuing to infect people across the globe despite protective measures being implemented. The highly contagious virus has created a pandemic that has seen cases of infection and death increase daily.

If there is any a time to help protect oneself against pathogenic infection, it is now. Building a healthy and strong immune system is a daily endeavor, and it should not be limited to practice during the current pandemic. Building a strong immune system will protect the body from the flu, colds, and other biological contaminants. Despite the current state of an immune system, it can always be improved! Let’s look at some approaches to boosting a strong protective bodily response.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity can range from resistance training, bodyweight training, running/jogging, and yes, even walking.

Resistance training may be difficult to do without a personal gym, but bodyweight training including pushups, sit-ups, lunges, and squats can increase cardiac rates and blood flow.

Walking and running are perfect exercises to do in a position that satisfies social distancing.

Stress Management

There is no magic answer to stress management. Stress is inevitable, especially in circumstances of quarantine. Stress management is simply how people handle their emotions during problem solving. Everyone handles stress differently. People can exercise (see above), listen to music, read, talk to a friend (thank goodness for online portals now!), meditate, or say prayers.

Personal Hygiene

Proper hygiene habits are directly related to decreasing pathogenic infection chances. Hygiene refers to cleaning the body and protecting people and surfaces from bodily fluids. Hand Washing, showering, washing clothes, brushing teeth, and covering mouth when sneezing/coughing are basic steps people can make. Get more information on hygiene.

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