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Quarantine Habits: Be Aware or Beware

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Quarantine and social distancing have shed some light on personal habits. Irregular sleeping, increased alcohol use, increased snacking, minimal exercise, and limited mind-improving hobbies are plaguing people.


Increased Snacking

Boredom and availability are primary causes. The act of eating gives a person something to do and having food readily available in the home is increasing snacking.

How to Avoid Snacking

1) Do not buy any! Only buy foods essential for energy use.

2) Allocate calories per meal & per snack (find calories needs here).

3) Set an eating schedule. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Do not eat at unspecified times.


Increased Alcohol Use

Drinking comes from boredom and stress. Being bored can be a stress. Drinking is a social activity and often used as a way to handle stress. If not monitored it can become a dependent habit.

How to Limit Drinking

1) Recognize what causes drinking and at what times. Is there another tool you can use to destress?

2) Pick no more than 2 days to drink alcohol, measure out liquor and understand standard serving sizes.

3) Allocate willing calories (same as snacking) and create a cap. No more than the cap.


Minimal Exercise

Many people do not have equipment or a gym right now? Do not know what to do? Go for a walk/run, complete body weight workouts, research video workouts, run around with the kids, or play with the dog. Our bodies were not meant to sit on the couch or be at a desk all day. Get up and move!

Self-Motivation is key to exercise success during quarantine. Online workouts have increased since quarantine began. Online support groups are available. Use friends and significant others to help get the body moving!

Ask yourself, is improving oneself better than staying the same or getting worse? Do not feel embarrassed. Fitness comes from practice. Practice every day and get better. Be better than you were yesterday!

Need some bodyweight workout activities? Check out quarantine workout.

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