Top Sports Movies

Movies have a way of appealing to our most basic interests and transforming that appeal into emotional connection. For sports enthusiasts, sports films will do just that.

Portraying the stories of a character’s rise and fall, sports films captivates the viewer often tapping deep into their own personal emotions.

Watching a story of adversity and the battle to overcome it can be as motivational, as it is entertaining. From the laughs and tears that result from such movies, viewers tend to get more out of them than sheer entertainment.

There are good sports films, and then their great ones that resonate more and their impact lasts much longer.

Here is a list of Coach’s Top Sports Movies from each sport. Enjoy!


1 Glory Road

2 White Men Can’t Jump

3 Hoosiers

4 Coach Carter

5 He Got Game

6 The Air Up There

7 Blue Chips

8 Eddie

9 6th Man

10 Finding Forester

Honorable Mention

Air Bud, Love & Basketball, Hurricane Season, Sunset Park, Space Jam, Teen Wolf


1 For Love of the Game