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Why Does Eating "Healthy" Seem So Hard?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Do you make excuses for not eating healthy?

Do you hear people say that they need to eat healthier, yet they find themselves listing off excuses as to why they do not? Have you done this to yourself? You are not alone!

Eating Healthy can seem very hard for people. Let’s examine why.


The average person is often not taught basic nutrition principles, and the vast amount of information that is out there can feel confusing about what a person should do when it comes to their food choices.

Healthy Implies NO Flavor

Individuals that go on health kicks often feel that the joy of food is gone when eating healthy. Our brains are trained to enjoy fat and sugar, and “healthier” foods often do not carry that same satisfaction.

Eating Healthy Seems expensive and Time Consuming

Let’s face it, we could all use more time. Life becomes full of school, work, events, and obligations that sometimes we feel that eating healthy, and preparing healthy meals can become an added stress. This becomes doubly true when reason #1 is added and we simply do not know what to do and what to buy.

Eating healthy is important and we need to find ways to improve our habits. For more reasons why, please listen to my podcast “Investing in Our Health”. Also, please see my video for information on Added Sugar in our favorite drinks and snacks, and click here to see why sugar can be so addictive.

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