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Redesigning the Education System

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The education system has not changed much in almost 120 years. The global pandemic of 2020 highlighted significant shortcomings of the current system prompting the question of whether it needs changing. The episode welcomes educator Tim Dolan to discuss methods and strategies to rework the current system to better reflect the 21st century needs of students.

Tim Dolan is an avid educator and advocate for a well-rounded education. His innovative mind has the ability to change education and improve students’ lives.

This episode dives into ideas that surround changing the existing grading system, removing grade levels, moving towards individualized outcomes, and incorporating life skills with the modern 21st century needs of our students.

Tim Dolan

B.A. Creative Writing - University of Miami

M.A. Education in English - UMass-Boston

English Teacher - Bedford High School (Massachusetts)

15 Years of Education Experience

Public - Private - Urban - Suburban Districts

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