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Getting Better During Social Distancing: Tips and Tricks

COVID-19 has thrust many changes to daily life. There has become a considerable amount of open and down time for people. For older players, this means finding activities to occupy the body and mind on their own, and for parents of younger players, it means developing a plan to keep kids active.

Practicing social distancing does not mean physical activity needs to be absent, or that players cannot improve at the sport they love. Let’s look at some ways to GET BETTER as a player!

1) Practice Game Skills

This is a great time to stick-handle in the driveway, practice your swing, test arm strength. Use any space inside or out to practice. There are tons of how-to videos out there, as well as basic drills coaches have taught during practice. Practice as much as you can. Play other sports also. A dramatic difference will show!

2) Become Athletic by Doing Workouts

Players can still run, do body weight workouts, stretch, and do other activities. Read the Quarantine Workout (See Link) or look into plans made available. Just be active!

3) Play Mental Games

Sports are a mental game. Playing board games or thinking games can boost athletic performance. There are reasons high-end athletes perform well in the classroom. Play Chess, do puzzles, challenge the mind to problem solve.

4) Watching Sports Reruns

Being better at a sport takes learning. This is more than just being athletic and skilled, and playing when the hour comes. The best players watch the game, listen to the broadcasters, and pay attention to the small details, and not just the highlights.

5) Read

This improves mental function. Read about favorite players, favorite teams, articles about how to get better, websites with drills. The best way to learn is to read. Read about the sport you love.

6) Research Your Sport's Drills and Videos

This helps understand the purpose of practice and technique. This might help players understand why coaches choose drills. If you have been told to improve a skill by a coach, look up a drill that helps. Understand, the purpose and technique of the drill. Share new drills with friends and coaches.

7) Eat Right

Nutrition is important. Watch the sugary snacks. Drink Water, not soda or sports drinks. Eat Protein foods.

The current quarantine life can be a great opportunity to get better! Become a learner! Improve oneself. Do not take a moment for granted. This is a period that can be used for growth. When the fields opens back up, be ready to roll, having already improved oneself.

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