Returning to School, or Not?!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Hey Everyone, my name is Kris Metea, and welcome to What’s Cooking with Coach? Thank you for reading and tuning in.

I am going to discuss a hot topic today. Buckle-up! It is the middle of the summer, so you know what that means?

School is about to start, or isn’t it? Traditionally-speaking, within the next week, students from across the country will grab their back packs on hop on buses, get in their cars, or tie their shoes and begin the journey of the new school year. It is an exciting time of the year. Forget January 1st, the school year marks the beginning of all things new and the great opportunities on the horizon. But wait, it does not feel exciting at all.

Why? I think we all know why. We are amid a pandemic, whether you want to believe in it or not. Spare me the arguments on both sides. I have heard them all. It does not affect that many people, or it is too dangerous to do anything. The virus has done one thing, divide the country even more politically and ideologically that it was before. The forefront of this argument has become schools. From pre-school to college and universities, the decisions to counteract the virus and ensure safety has uprooted the educational system as we know it.

There is an estimated 87 million people that were/are expected to go back to school campuses this fall. This includes students, teachers, professors, administration, and support staff. That is 1 in 4 Americans (328 Million population). It is expected that 2/3 to ¾ of Americans will be directly affected by the school decisions. Parents, guardians, siblings, relatives, bosses, co-workers. It can be argued that schools being in session are the single-most important factor for the progress and economy of the United States.

Breakdown: 20 Million College Students and 57 Million Pre-K to High School Students.

As a result, the Education system has been at the forefront of the news, and deservedly so. Anything that directly affects ¾ of all Americans deserves that attention. The argument comes from whether schools should open this fall. More importantly, should schools open up during a pandemic. Should schools open during a pandemic that has only affected 1% of the world. I am not here to argue that. I am just going to point the importance of education and highlight points of both arguments.

There are several topics that I will mention during this piece/podcast.

Topic #1 “Teachers Unions are putting up a fight to go back to school”

Topic #2 “Funding of Schools”

Topic #3 Remote Learning was a failure, and we cannot do it again.

Topic #4 Students need to be in school for the social impact of it.

Topic #5 The science says that students do not feel the effects as much as adults, and rarely infect teachers.

Topic #6 Teachers as “Essential” Workers

Topic #7 Logistics no one thinks about

Topic #8 Arguments Against Teachers