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Eating Disorders: A Reel Matter

Eating Disorders are a hidden problem with dyer consequences. Infiltrating the mind, these disorders influence individuals to make troubling decisions that impact their body health. It is estimated that nearly 8 million Americans have eating disorders. Disproportionately accounting for more women, eating disorders still affect men.

Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge-Eating Disorders arise from emotions perpetuated by lack of control, limited self-esteem, and traumatic events. The signs and symptoms of eating disorders are often hidden (and done so purposely) and hard to discover. Documentaries and film adaptations help bring to attention the negative impact of eating disorders and how to better handle them through appealing to viewer empathy. Below are documentaries and movies depicting the battles people have with eating disorders.

Lily Collins & Keanu Reeves Star in To the Bone (2017)

Perfect Body

To the Bone


Girl, Interrupted

Sharing the Secret

A Secret Between Friends

For the Love of Nancy

Dying to Dance

Hunger Point

Kate’s Secret


Center Stage

The Best Little Girl in the World

Karen Carpenter Story

Dying to Be Thin

Killing Us Softly

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