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Make a Splash Everyday with Water

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

There is so much literature about the importance of water. It is generally understood that water is important for every person, yet there still seems to be difficulty getting enough. Let’s examine what water does for us and how much people need daily.

Water moderates the body’s core temperature, improves joint health through lubrication, protects sensitive body tissues as a cushion, and helps regular waste movements (sweat, urine, bowels). It has also been shown that increased water boosts a person’s metabolism, which promotes weight loss, and reduces food intake from feelings of satiety (fullness).

How much water is recommended? Professionals will suggest the 8 x 8 rule. Eight servings of eight ounces. This is eight cups of water every day, or a half gallon for a second visual. Water recommendations vary by sex and age, and specifically any male over the age of 14 should get 11-13 cups of water daily (about ¾ of a gallon), and females over age 14 should have 8-9 cups daily.

Recommendations are often based on the average size of people in a group. Another formula for water needs is taking a person's weight (in pounds) and dividing by two. This would mean that heavier individuals would need more water for their size.

When is the recommended amounts not enough? There are certain instances that increased amounts of water are needed by the human body. These include people being in a warmer climate, engaging in a more active lifestyle (increased sweat), being sick or having a fever, developing diarrhea or vomiting, or carrying a weight that is not medically-recognized as average.

Drinking water is not the only way a person can get their recommended amounts. There are a ton of foods and beverages that provide high percentages of water. Most notably are milks, fruits, and vegetables. View the chart below for water content conversions:

How can we get the amounts of water we need in a day? Here are some tips.

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