Getting Reel with Sports

Disclaimer: Check ratings for appropriate viewing

There is always a good time to discuss sports movies. There is, however, not a better time than now. Without the day-to-day grind of sporting events that enamor our thoughts and pro

vide the engaged fan positive distraction. Television broadcasts have turned from games and Monday quarterback shows to replays of classic games and an influx of documentaries. This is not a bad thing. The absence of the current sports world gives a chance for the fan to rediscover the grass roots that caused the love affair from the start.

With an abundance of time on our hands, people have turned to board games, books, yardwork, and indoor workouts. There is only so much screen time that can be had without causing the eyes to go stir-crazy, but if the inkling kicks back in, and your love for sports cannot be quashed, we offer up some great movies to watch.

The most popular sports movies tend to fall in line with traditional American values. Baseball and Football films will always top the list, but below there are more sports movies you may have forgotten. These hidden treasures in a time of uncertainty can revive laughs, tears, and memories. So, lets sit back, relax, and enjoy some of your favorites, or even discover a new one!


The Longest Yard (1974)

North Dallas Forty

All the Right Moves


Johnny B Good


Little Giants

Jerry Maguire

The Waterboy

Varsity Blues

Any Given Sunday

Remember the Titans