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There's an App for That

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Healthy and informed eating can be so difficult! There is so much information presented to people now that everyone can be on information overload! Add to that, a lot of information can contradict each other making it harder to make informed choices about what goes into the body.

There are so many sites and mobile apps that make information easier to find. This is great for our society that is fixated on constant progress in the hustle of life. We have so much “on our plates” that the last thing we want to think about is the stress of getting the right nutrition information.

There is a mobile nutrition app called Nutrition Facts. It is an app that is free to use and can be found in Apple and Google Play stores. The App catalogs almost 9,000 different foods and it sorts foods into searchable categories. Nutrition Facts breaks down each food into serving sizes (of your liking) and gives all related nutrition information to each food.

The app does not personalize an experience, but it is easy to use and becomes a personal dietary catalog in the palm of your hand. Nutrition Facts takes the research component out of finding the food information a person may need. There are a variety of Apps that give food information but this is easy to use, free, and a person does not have to provide personal information (such as e-mails) to use it. Give it a shot!

We hope you find it useful! Here is the link to find it online: Nutrition Facts

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